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Vertical Training

If you’re looking for training drills to radically increase any player’s explosive leg power to improve leaping ability and defensive speed and flat out generate dominant hitters and blockers, then Eyecan Athletics is for you!

Utilizing a series of fast-twitch explosive movements, strength training, endurance, hip mobility, and core conditioning and more, our process is sure to increase vertical explosion and overall strength of the athlete. The use of the VertiMax Trainer in each workout equipment is a key to make that happen.

The Vertimax, is the leading vertical jump and speed training system designed for multi-point leg and arm loading on-platform with up to 4 band multi-point off-platform speed training out to approximately 30 feet.

It is the most effective Vertical Jump Training System because it is able to maximize both explosive leg power and arm swing velocity to maximize the vertical lift component leading to superior vertical jump performance gains.

VertiMax’s ability to maximize vertical leap performance which is a measure of explosive leg power will transfer to significant gains in other critical sports performance parameters such as first step quickness and overall speed. Here are some of the benefits from our Vertimax training.

  • Have incredible control over the ball
  • Dramatically increase vertical jump
  • Improve overall food speed and agility
  • Develop muscle strength that will help prevent injury
  • Develop muscle strength that will help prevent injury
  • Train and develop explosive footwork