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Nutrition & Wellness

Nutrition provides the foundational support to fuel the mind and body – maximizing performance and helping athletes achieve their goals.

Our team has the education and experience to effectively manage the nutrition needs of athletes of all ages, abilities, sports and athletic goals. Utilizing the latest research-based practices, our nutrition team provides customized nutrition support and strategies to help fuel performance./p>

We provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Pre and Post-workout Fueling
  • Pre-Competition Nutrition Strategies
  • Daily/W eekly Meal Planning
  • Body Composition Assessments
  • Weight Management Strategies (weight/muscle gain, weight/fat loss)
  • Grocery Shopping Lists/Recipe Ideas
  • Travel Tips
  • Special Diets (Vegan, Vegetarian, Food Allergies, Intolerances, Keto, etc)
  • Nutritional Supplementation Guidance and Strategies
  • Nutrition Resource Development
  • Disordered Eating