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The Organization

Eyecan Takeover Girls Basketball Association is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that is affiliated with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and oversees the selection and training of AAU select basketball teams for girls in grades 4-12 in the South Texas region. The organization was established in the fall of 2018 and is dedicated to helping all of our girls achieve the goals on and off the court. All of our coaches participate in the Positive Coaching Alliance program and complete training programs Levels I – III prior to interaction with players.   Our Head Coaches also are receiving continuous training from Point Guard College (PGC) each season.

Our organization provides the opportunity for girls that have an above average level of basketball skills for their grade level, to play with and against girls of similar abilities. Each player in our program will improve her basic fundamental skills, in addition to learning advanced skills, through multiple practice sessions each week. In addition, each athlete will gain valuable experience by participating in highly competitive tournaments throughout the Spring and Summer. Most of our teams average 30-50 games per season.

We partner with Eyecan Athletics and strive to work with Junior High and High School coaches to provide additional skill development and game experience for their players outside of the regular school season. We do not conflict with school basketball schedules. We want players from our organization to return to their school coaches each year better than when they left the previous school year. One of our goals is to help our players become leaders in their school programs. For girls who strive to earn a basketball scholarship to college in the future, we will provide assistance and guidance in the recruiting and selection process.

Our mission is to help each player prepare herself physically, mentally and emotionally to advance to her next level of play, whether that be a local recreation league, a Junior High or High School team or a College team. Each player will not only improve her basketball skills each season, but will also develop a strong work ethic while learning about the concepts of teamwork, dedication, and self discipline.

Our Head Coaches have Varsity and/or College playing experience and have coached for many years in local organizations, Junior High Schools and/or High Schools. All Eyecan Takeover coaches complete the yearly AAU mandatory coach training classes, in addition to receiving club sponsored training sessions with College/Professional Coaches throughout the year.

The Eyecan Takeover name was chosen because our organization wants to be different in many ways from the traditional AAU/Select organizations in our area. What makes us different (Takeover)?   Our organization is for girls only, focuses on the development of fundamental skills in addition to all other aspects of intermediate and advanced play, begins to form teams at the 3rd/4th grade and emphasizes player development for ALL players on every team. Our organization also prides itself on its family-type environment and advance communication with parents and players about policies, payments, practices, tournament schedules, etc.   When you join Eyecan Takeover, you become part of our family and our primary objective is to make your daughter become a better basketball player, student-athlete and community member.

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