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Home Workout Challenge

The purpose of our challenge is to help our girls continue to improve mentally and physically despite everything that is going on in the world today. We recognize that while the situation around us is far from ideal there are things we can do to get better. Below are the guidelines for our challenge:

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  1. Contest starts Saturday, March 28
  2. Players or parents must follow us online at EyecanTakeover and Eyecan_Athletics on Instagram and Facebook. We will be posting all the information on our social accounts.
  3. Players must do the daily workouts that are posted on our social media accounts every day and post a short video of them doing the workout every day. Please hashtag us so we know. All workouts must be posted on the same day or you don’t get a point.
  4. The Player’s parents must go to the spreadsheet below and keep a tally of all points for their child. All points must be tallied daily per the example on the spreadsheet.
  5. All workouts will consist of a ballhandling session, shooting session, and conditioning session. Each session is worth 1 point daily. Players can also earn additional points by doing an extra session that we will post from time to time or by doing an incentive workout.


  1. Players will receive 1pt for ballhandling, 1pt for shooting, 1 pt for conditioning, & 1 pt for incentive workouts. The max points you can earn on a daily basis are 4-6pts assuming there are incentive workouts that day.

Please use this spreadsheet to keep your score.


  1. The contest will end at a date to be determined. All players who have a  total number of points at or over a specified amount will win a prize. Prizes could be shoes, money, gift cards, free training, etc… We are confident that the players who qualify are going to love the prizes.